Rotary International’s “End Polio Now” International Campaign



The Rotary International launched the “End Polio Now” campaign in efforts to promote the importance of globally putting an end to polio disease. The campaign is specifically designed to seek international support in taking action against putting an end to polio worldwide. Rotary International is a worldwide network of people who are involved in global humanitarian services that are relevant to social causes. Rotary International forms a global network of business with over 1.2 million members and 34,000 clubs in 200 countries around the world. Thus, Rotary International appointed Golin Harris, a communications firm owned by the Interpublic Group (IPG), to help implementation of the “End Polio Now” campaign to aid in awareness to the polio vaccinations.

The main goal of the “End Polio Now” campaign is to receive financial support from Rotary members and other donors, including governments, nonprofits organizations, foundations and other individuals. While simultaneously, gaining an interactive social media presence to expand the outreach of the polio eradication message to the younger generations. As well as, increase global recognition through media placements in international and national publications.

Some strategies used to implement the goals of the “End Polio Now” campaign were educating the international media on the Rotary International purpose in the effort to help polio eradication, while building awareness through social media outlets. As well as, create educational and innovative online content to engage global audiences. To make it even more internationally friendly, the campaign included the various communications channels in seven different languages.


The results of the campaign are continuously being seen in various media coverage. Recently in the news in India, many of the media outlets were officially announcing that India is being removed from the “polio-endemic list”. Thus, within these positive media stories, many are mentioning the efforts made by Rotary and the “End Polio Now” campaign. Essentially, the media coverage of Rotary International campaign is increasing being covered by international publications frequently about the campaigns concrete role in helping polio eradication.

Also, “The World’s Biggest Commercial” is an interactive part of the overall campaign that helps to further raise awareness and engage the international public. Rotary’s interactive Worlds’ biggest commercial gives the audience a chance to join Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bill Gates, Jackie Chan, and other world figures and celebrities already participating in Rotary’s “This Close” (as in, “this close” to ending polio).  Active participants can simply upload photos of themselves making the “this close” gesture with their fingers to the ever-expanding promotional spot at Rotary’s “End Polio Now.”


Overall, the “End Polio Now” campaign has been an International public relations campaign success because it is making a significant impact on the world. Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign won a top award in global public relations from PR News. PR News noted that Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign has “worked to keep polio eradication squarely in the public eye, resulting in increased funding and an enhanced public image of Rotary as a global humanitarian service organization.”

Tips on Breaking into Fashion PR


Fashion publicists and fashion social media coordinators are becoming one of the most sought out career paths for the young women of generation Y. The growing popularity of fashion blogs, fashion Pinterest boards and fashion Instagram accounts may be the reasoning behind the interest. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 18 percent job growth through 2016. Yet, breaking into this industry is a highly competitive and difficult task. Director of Communications for Jill Stuart highlights the qualities that are expected out of a PR fashion, “It is important for someone new to fashion PR to gain experience; through internships and job training, to supplement an education. Absorb as much of your surroundings as possible, because things will get hectic, especially during Fashion Week.”

Here are some tips:

1. Start your own blog and website

Starting your own fashion blog or website will highlight your specific style and allow your creativity to be exposed to a broader audience. Create a fashion Tumblr page and even a Pinterest page that will gain as popularity among the fashion community. Future fashion employers will be very impressed if you have an extremely high following on your own personal pages. The exposure can even lead to others in the fashion industry noticing your creativity.

2. Land a Fashion PR Internship

Before landing your dream job in the fashion industry, you must first land your dream internship. Having a PR internship in the fashion industry will give you exposure on the daily tasks that will soon become your life after you get the job. The internship should be a learning experience in which you get to see the interworking of being in the high paced industry. Thus, you’ll learn press clippings, media research, how to send out samples, writing a pitch and media tracking lists. There are so many great internship opportunities available, so take advantage of them.

3. Take a Fashion Merchandising Class

Fashion merchandising might be a good way to start for someone who is hoping to learn more of the business side of the fashion industry. Fashion merchandising will teach you everything from marketing, buying, sales and management to negotiation, customer relations and creative technologies aimed for the fashion industry. Taking a fashion merchandising class will help spark your inner fashionista and hopefully give you insight into the fashion world.

4. Follow Fashion Blogs and Editors

Completely immerse yourself with the industry. Know every single thing there is to know about fashion public relations. Follow as many fashion blogs, Pinterest accounts and Instagram accounts as possible. Following famous fashion blogs will give you inspirations and ideas. As well as, helping to give you ideas on how build your own and make your websites and blogs even better. Friend the fashion editors on twitter and even tweet back at them sometimes. This could potentially lead you getting exposure in the fashion world on Twitter.

5. Network

Public Relations is an industry of networking and following up. Always keep in touch with people, stay connected and write hand written thank you letters for every interview you ever go on. Especially in the fashion industry, having a strong presence and confidence is the key to achieving success. It’s imperative to join fashion public relations groups and start talking on it. Join LinkedIn and start making connections with people from the past and making sure your presence is known.


gabriella vaccaro

Top Schools for Fashion PR

We’ve talked a lot about creative ways to stand out in the Fashion PR industry, but a big question is HOW do you get there in the first place? There are many different ways to break into the industry, but having a great education is a key component. It’s not always necessary to study fashion or PR or even a combination of the two, but it does give you a leg up on the competition.

One of the greatest places to get a strong background in fashion is the Fashion Institute of Technology, otherwise known as FIT. FIT is located in the heart of all things fashion, New York City. There are so many applicable programs that you can take that will give you a a strong knowledge of the fashion industry including:

•Advertising and Marketing Communications
•Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing
•Direct and Interactive Marketing
•Entrepreneurship for the Fashion and Design Industries
•Fashion Merchandising Management
•International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries
•Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries
•Technical Design
•Textile Development and Marketing
•Graduate programs in Global Fashion Management and Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management

FIT also has amazing perks when it comes to career services, such as offering lifetime job search assistance. This lifetime assistance can help alumni who have long graduated to find a job when they are ready for a change.

ImageJust to prove how well FIT graduates do in the job search here’s some stats on the companies who have hired students from FIT:

Condé Nast (4% of employees)
Saks (4% of 4,000 employees)
Bergdorf Goodman (11% of 300 employees)
Barneys (7% of 700 employees)
Macy’s (2% of 21,000)
Vogue (4% of 450 employees)
BPCM PR (4% of 60 employees)

Being a Penn State student in the Public Relations major, I am constantly wondering how my job search is going to go. Luckily for me, Penn State is ranked as one of the top ten schools for Fashion Journalism, PR and Marketing. Located in the middle of nowhere, PA, you may be wondering how this school can help you in the Fashion industry. Well, Penn State offers SO MANY applicable programs including advertising/PR programs, journalism, media studies and integrated programs in the College of Communications and College of Arts & Architecture.

Because of how large the university is, there are always alumni willing to help graduates find a job. The huge network of people you will meet at Penn State, will be a giant asset to you once you begin your job search. Also, career services offers many amazing programs including:

•Drop-in counseling
•Seasonal career fairs
•Online Career Network
•The College of Communications hosts a large career event in NYC called “Success in the City” which many recruiters such as Hearst and multiple other PR companies attend

ImageSo many companies hire Penn State graduates because of their well-rounded education, according to the WSJ. They listed it as the number one school chosen by recruiters for its “bright, well-rounded students…with the core competencies we desire.” Some notable companies are:

Elle (2% of 275 employees)
BPCM Public Relations (6% of 60 employees)
Macy’s (1% of 21,300 employees)
•Plus jobs and internships at: Glamour, Hearst, Armani Exchange, boutique PR firms

So if you’re thinking about starting a career in the Fashion PR industry, get ahead of the competition and find a school that has amazing and applicable programs, a great career service center and a large alumni association. Remember, this is not the only path to Fashion PR, but it is a great one. Don’t stress and just find a school that is the perfect fit for you!

Until next time

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Tory Burch’s E-Commerce & Social Media Success


Tory Burch project’s that their e-commerce sales will reach $49 million. According to the 2012 Internet Retailer Mobile 500, this is a 170 % increase from 2012. Tory Burch currently holds the No. 70 spot in the recently released research and ranking guides. The mobile sales, social media and responsive web design have been the main factors that have lead to their success. Women’s fashion retailer Tory Burch LLC has grown exponentially with global e-commerce throughout the years. As well as, Tory Burch became a renowned and popular brand through the help of social media.

The Tory Burch merchandise plays a premiere role in the global e-commerce realm. The brand management at Tory Burch emphasizes the importance of being present in social media. Tory Burch is No. 186 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. Thus, proving that their efforts to broader their social media platform have paid off. The e-commerce sites cover sites in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Japan, Austria, France and even ships to customers in 30 countries from their distribution center. Tory Burch operates in more than 100 stores globally. Needless to say, the Tory Burch brand takes a lot of effort to maintain and keep all of their social media platforms up to date.

Tory Burch’s twitter messages are actually written by the designer herself. These messages are meant to appeal to the potential buyers “stream of consciousness”. Tory Burch has both Twitter and Instagram accounts that are used quite frequently. The use of twitter is important for Tory Burch to provide a voice for the company, while Instagram provides the image-focused theme. In terms of Facebook, Tory Burch gives fans access to limited-times sales, features on special items and exclusive links that direct right to their website. Thus, implying that their usages with Facebook will transcend into purchasing the mobile application. Tory Burch marketing management wants fans to download the app to be kept up to date through notifications directly to the customer. Around 44% of Tory Burch’s traffic comes from their personalized mobile devices, whereas 60% comes from the users carrying smart phones.

Tory Burch Chief Marketing Officer Miki Berardelli and Senior Vice President of global stores Matt Marcotte delved into the importance of marketing through various social media platforms. These two of the top executives from the Tory Burch label gave keynote speeches that were titled “The Digital Journey of Growing a Global Brand”.  The speeches delved into the logistical and technological benefits that social media has to offer to any brand name. Luxury shoppers are given the opportunity to see their designs from multiple platforms, thus making them more aware of their products and style.


xoxo, gabriella vaccaro

What’s popping … up?

There’s a new trend overtaking the fashion industry and giving Fashion PR professionals something new to work with: Pop-up shops. These shops are temporary retail spaces that “pop-up” one day and disappear after a few weeks (or even just a few days). These pop-up shops can be a Fashion PR professional’s best friend by building hype around their brand and increasing consumer exposure. The pop-up shops allow a company to create an interesting, fun, unique and exciting environment.


Pop-up shops have been occurring since the late 90’s but they have recently gained tons of attention. Pop-up shops scream exclusivity, but also give accessibility to consumers who may not always have the opportunity to come in contact with your product. This air of exclusivity paired with newly found accessibility could give an already well-known brand a fresh start or gain a lot of attention for a little-known brand. It is no secret that fashion enthusiasts always want to be in the know, so creating a pop-up shop for your brand is a publicity stunt you’ll want to orchestrate.

There are PLENTY of examples of how amazing pop-up shops can be for any Fashion PR professional. The fashion luxury brand, Hermès, created a pop-up shop in The Shops at Columbus Circle that included a mini-golf course, using their signature scarves as flags and their famous enamel bangles as holes to shoot the golf balls through. After customers play golf, staff members professionally tie the scarves around their heads. They can then head on over to a novelty photo booth for pictures they can take home as a souvenir. This pop-up shop takes the exclusive and very expensive Hermès brand and makes it accessible to consumers who just happen to be walking by.

Department stores are also getting in on the trend, with Nordstrom creating pop-up shops within their own stores. In eight different Nordstrom stores around the U.S., “The pop-in @ Nordstrom” has been showing up with the first theme being “French Fling”. Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s Director of Creative Projects, was inspired by Paris Fashion week and brought her favorite Parisian designers into the French Fling pop-up shop. The shop is beautifully decorated to look like a Parisian garden with beautiful clothes placed strategically around. The French Fling pop-up will run until Nov. 10th and will be replaced with another pop-up shop in the weeks to come.

French Fling

French Fling

These examples of pop-up shops are just a few out of many that show just how amazing pop-up shops can be. These shops are a Fashion PR person’s dream publicity stunt. It brings positive attention to their brand, creates an exciting and fun environment and greatly increases consumer awareness. There’s nothing not to simply adore!

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